Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration

is an initiative to promote digital transformation in international arbitration.


It all started end of 2019, when Svenja Wachtel decided to launch a quarterly published interview-session with legal scholars, counsel and other practitioner in the field of international arbitration.

The interview partners shared their individual experiences within a certain area of international arbitration and digital transformation. The length of the interview mirrors the time one needs to enjoy a coffee while reading it – and #digitalcoffeebreakinarbitration was born.

Following the launch of the LinkedIn page in March 2020, Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration quickly expanded its content to all aspects of digital transformation in international arbitration which led to the launch of this homepage.

Digital Arbitration combines several aspects of digital transformation and international arbitration under one roof, including Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration. Digital Arbitration aims to raise awareness for the benefits of using technology while nonetheless questioning the need for it in each individual case.

Digital Arbitration aims to



openness to use technology in the process of conducting an international arbitration to gain more efficiency, simplify the process & save time and money in arbitral proceeding starting when collecting the data at the beginning of a potential dispute.



accessibility to education through webinars, online classes and other means of education by sharing the opportunities available and actively participating whenever possible.



racial equality and representation of other underrepresented groups in international arbitration in all aspects.

Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration