What is this?

Arbitration Happy Hour is a new format launched by Svenja Wachtel and Sneha Ashtikar on Clubhouse, the social networking app based on audio-chat.

Arbitration Happy Hour


We had to pause the Arbitration Happy Hour!  Why? Read below

Corona seems to slow down (fingers crossed) and many people are back in the office, everyone is craving in person interaction so we have to adapt the AHH format.

What is changing:

  • Concept same as before: One or more speaker talking to us (Sneha Ashtikar and I) about a topic in international arbitration
  • Frequency – Monthly (not weekly anymore)
  • Where – Live session on Zoom with interactive Q&A, and – here is the good part – we will make a podcast (no video) out of it. So, if you cannot join for the live session, you can still listen to it whenever you like
  • AHH Meetups: three or four times a year we will actually meet in a city, host a live #ArbitrationHappyHour and will meet for drinks

Follow us on LinkedIn or simply further announcements here. We already have a line up on topics ranging from Maritime Arbitration to Insurance Arbitration to Emergency Arbitrator and more.

See you at the next AHH soon!

On February 11, 2021, Svenja and Sneha started the #ArbitrationHappyHour on Clubhouse. Every Thursday at 6pm (CET), they spoke with their guest(s) about various arbitration-related topics. The hope is to facilitate an exchange of ideas and share experiences on a variety of arbitration-related matters through this new medium.

Following 20 successful episodes, Sneha and Svenja concluded season 1 and enjoyed the summer break. Season 2 starts on Thursday, September 16, 2021. Clubhouse is now open to everyone, no invite needed. All future episodes will be featured here and on Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration.

Season 2

#10 – Seat in India: Challenge Procedures and More

Seat in India

Thursday, 30 June, 6 PM (CEST) on Zoom

#9 – International Arbitration: Ally or obstacle in the race against climate change?

S2E09 AHH International Arbitration

Thursday, 19 May, 6 PM (CEST) on Zoom

#8 – Maritime Arbitration

S2E08 Maritime Arbitration

Thursday, 21 April, 6 PM (CEST) on Zoom

#7 – International Armed Conflict, International Dispute Resolution and the Rule of Law

w/ Maria Pihlak, Kieran J. McCarthy & Prof. Lauri Mälksoo

International Armed Conflict, International Dispute Resolution and the Rule of Law

Thursday, March 3, 6 PM (CET) on Zoom or locally in Tallinn

#6 – Quantum Calculations & Risk Assesments – An In-House Perspective

Quantum Calculations

Thursday, February 17, 6 PM (GMT+1) on Zoom

#5 – Total Recall:
Witness Evidence & the Fallibility of Human Memory

Total Recall

Thursday, January 27, 6 PM (GMT+1) on Zoom

#4 – Insurance Arbitration

Insurance Arbitration

Thursday, December 2, 6 PM (GMT+1)

#3 – Domain Name Arbitration


Thursday, September 30, 6 PM (GMT+2)

#2 – How to give more responsibility


Thursday, September 23, 6 PM (GMT+2)

#1 – Careers in Arbitration


Thursday, September 16, 6 PM (GMT+2)

Season 1

#20 – In-House Counsel as a Career


#19 – Third Parties in Arbitration


#18 – Careers in Third Party Funding 


#17 – Art Arbitration 


#16 – Building a Brand in Arbitration 


#15 – eSports and Arbitration 


#14 – Share Your Arbitration Story with Our Audience

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#13 – Wine Arbitration

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#12 – Arbitration: A Cure for the Cannabis Industry?

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#11 – Earth Day Special – Campaign for Greener Arbitrations

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#10 – Construction Arbitration

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#9 – Africa in the Moot

Copy of Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#8 – Publication of Arbitral Awards

Arbitration Happy Hour (final)

#7 –
ArbTech Talk: The Future is Now


Special – Moot Alumni Association meets Arbitration Happy Hour 2.0

Special – Moot Alumni Association meets Arbitration Happy Hour

#6 – Overcoming the Trauma of Trials with Richard Westley

#5 – Fireside chat with Dana MacGrath


#4 – Arbitrators – Pale, Male, and Stale with Lise Alm

#3 – Arbitrators on Social Media: Yes or No? with Mahnaz Malik

#2 – Racial Equality in Arbitration with R. Rangachari


#1 – Moot Courts with Sneha Ashtikar and Svenja Wachtel